Fungsi untuk mengetahui password Microsoft Access

Private Function XorPassword(Bytes As Variant) As String
Dim XorBytes() As Variant
Dim strPassword As String
Dim intIndex As Integer
Dim CurrChar As String * 1

XorBytes = Array(&H86, &HFB, &HEC, &H37, &H5D, &H44, &H9C, &HFA, &HC6, &H5E, &H28, &HE6, &H13, &HB6, &H8A, &H60, &H54, &H94)
strPassword = vbNullString
intIndex = 0

‘Get a character from the password by doing a XOR with the appropriate value in XorBytes array.
CurrChar = Chr$(Bytes(intIndex + &H42) Xor XorBytes(intIndex))
‘If we get a Null character, get out of the loop.
If Asc(CurrChar) = 0 Then Exit Do
‘Add the password character to the accumulated password string.
strPassword = strPassword & CurrChar
intIndex = intIndex + 1
Loop Until intIndex = 17

XorPassword = strPassword
End Function

Private Function GetAccessPassword(strFilename As String) As String
Dim intFileNum As Integer
Dim Bytes(&H100) As Byte

intFileNum = FreeFile
‘Open the Access filename
Open strFilename For Binary As #intFileNum

‘Read first 256 bytes
Get #intFileNum, , Bytes

‘Get the password from the XorPassword function
GetAccessPassword = XorPassword(Bytes)
Close #intFileNum
End Function

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